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Have the physicians as Summit Natural Wellness helped you improve your health? Has your energy increased? Have you lost weight or been able to reduce your medications by following our recommendations? Has your child’s health or behavior been affected? Do you feel more confident about your health as a result of being a patient of Summit Natural Wellness Center? If so, please share your story below so that current and future patients can benefit from your experience!

Tips for writing a good testimonial:

  1. Be specific.
  2. Tell us how your health has changed.
  3. Tell us how your life has changed.

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The physicians at Summit Natural Wellness have succeeded where conventional medicine has not. I have suffered from a severe staph infection for three years. Modern medicine gave me up. After attending my first session at Summit I have enjoyed a renewed spirit and feeling of health. Even the same medical physicians attending my initial infection have markedly commented that I look “well.”

The acupressure sessions at Summit Natural Wellness have helped me relieve tight ligaments and scars, caused by the staff infection, so I might have better range of motion in my affected arm, leg, and hand. Also, I recently fell and suffered deep bruising to my hip, back and elbow.…

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