Supplement Refills

Placing Patient Refill Orders

Our clients may order refills by either calling 330.928.6685 or by sending us the completed order form below. For convenience, we have a supplement drop-box for after-hours pick-ups.

Please provide the following information:

  • Your full name and phone number
  • What Supplement(s) (Name, Brand, Size)
  • Quantity
  • Form of Payment (credit card on file ending in ####)
  • Form of Delivery (Ship It, Outside Drop-box, Inside Pickup)
  • Shipping address (If shipping)
  • CVV (3 digit code) REQUIRED Put in under Special Instructions
  • Be as specific as you can to avoid delay in your refill order

SNWC Dispensary 1IMG_0208

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The physicians at Summit Natural Wellness have succeeded where conventional medicine has not. I have suffered from a severe staph infection for three years. Modern medicine gave me up. After attending my first session at Summit I have enjoyed a renewed spirit and feeling of health. Even the same medical physicians attending my initial infection have markedly commented that I look “well.”

The acupressure sessions at Summit Natural Wellness have helped me relieve tight ligaments and scars, caused by the staff infection, so I might have better range of motion in my affected arm, leg, and hand. Also, I recently fell and suffered deep bruising to my hip, back and elbow.…

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Find Your Condition

Our integrative approach has helped those with the conditions on the following page. Use our website to learn about the different health concerns that our staff has helped with. If you have any further questions after looking over this section please feel free to contact us from one of the many ways provided for your convenience.

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