Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy sessions provide a personalized yoga practice for those with specific therapeutic goals. An assessment is completed and instruction on custom poses and breath work is given. A written, take-home practice is included.  The client will receive detailed instruction for their home practice and follow-up is typically recommended. Yoga therapy is best done in stages.

Follow-up yoga therapy sessions take the clients practice to the next stage to accomplish their goals. Additional questions are answered, new considerations included, new breath work given and when applicable, the next level of difficulty added.

Clients should wear comfortable clothing in which they have full range of motion.

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What is Reflexology?

The feet contain over 7,200 nerve endings or receptors that send signals to the brain via the central nervous system as a pressure is applied upon standing, walking, or running. Receptors is the foot form a representation of map of the body. Application of pressure using knuckles, fist, thumb, and finger compression techniques, stimulate points on the foot. This activates electrical and chemical impulses resulting in a reflex response in the related organ to which the foot is being stimulated. Reflexology increases circulation, relaxes muscle and fascia and activates the parasympathetic nervous system which calms the body. This technique positively affects and harmonizes the body system.

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