Initial Naturopathic Consultation

During this initial consultation, your doctor will review your intake and determine whether lab testing is appropriate. Your doctor will also provide literature to review regarding general nutritional guidelines, and other information related to your specific health concerns.

Summit Natural Wellness Center

Initial Visit

Dr. Parasson:
Currently Dr. Parasson is only accepting new patients for Oncology (cancer), Lyme disease and other infectious diseases and Men’s Health issues.
~ Lyme/Infectious Disease appointment: 90-120 minutes ~$240
~ Oncology (Cancer) appointment: 90-120 minutes ~$240
~ Men’s Health appointment: 60-90 minutes ~ $195

Dr. Flynn & Dr. Karvounides:
60-90 minutes ~ $195

First Followup Consultation*-

Dr. Parasson:
60-90 minutes ~ $195

Dr. Flynn & Dr. Karvounides:
60-90 minutes ~ $195

*At your first followup consultation, your doctor typically reviews lab results ordered during your first visit and makes pertinent lifestyle recommendations, including personalized diet, stress reduction techniques, exercise routines, detoxification suggestions, supplement suggestions, and possible counseling. This visit is usually the longest because of the amount of information to review. Return visits thereafter, are much shorter and focus on fine-tuning your protocol and/or addressing new concerns.

Return Wellness & Phone Consultations*


Payment is due in full at the time of the visit. Cash, checks, and major credit cards are accepted forms of payment. Patients have the ability to use flexible spending accounts (FSA) as well. Consultations are billed at the rate above, and supplements and laboratory work are an additional charge.

Cancellation Policy

Summit Natural Wellness Center requires cancellations for scheduled appointments 24 hours in advance, during regular business hours. We reserve the right to charge for missed or cancelled appointments. Cancellation fees are 50% of above stated prices.

Insurance Policy

Most insurance coverage is limited to those states that offer licensure to Naturopathic doctors. Currently Ohio is not a licensed state, and insurance reimbursement for services rendered by a Naturopathic doctor is unlikely. Due to these licensure laws, we are unable to work with any insurance
provider or provide diagnosis or CPT codes.