At Summit Natural Wellness Center we are dedicated to personalized health care, with an emphasis on science-based natural therapies. Our goal is to help you overcome illness and maximize your health using the latest advances in functional and alternative medicine.

If this is your first exposure to naturopathic medicine, it is important to understand our approach to health care. Please browse through our website and familiarize yourself with our practitioners, the clinic, the fundamentals of naturopathic medicine and other practical information.

Thank you for your interest in Summit Natural Wellness Center. We look forward to working with you. Enjoy the journey.


“Dr. Nick is an incredibly compassionate doctor. Both my husband and I have nothing but praise for his treatment methods, dedication and kindness. Now that we have moved out of state, we will continue our relationship with him as our main physician.”
Marina Isaac

“I was looking for a way to take better care of myself, rather than just treat symptoms with prescriptions. Imagine my surprise when Dr. Flynn identified a food allergy as a root of my problem. (How could I live this long and not know this?) Careful review of history and education about how to make changes have been keys to my feeling better – than ever! Rather than spending money on doctor’s office visit co-pays and monthly prescriptions, I’ve redirected the money spent on my health care. And I have the lab results to prove it works!”

Suzanne Smaltz

“My wife and I first visited Dr. Parasson in the fall of 2013. We were impressed by his knowledge, his education background and his ability to explain health issues with the patient. Since that meeting Dr. Parasson has resolved many health issues for my wife (issues that countless specialists (MD and DO) could not resolve). I am very annoyed (angry is a better term) that the State of Ohio does not recognize NDs as medical doctors. Dr. Parasson is a highly educated professional and deserves the recognition that other Medical Doctors receive.”

Arthur B. Miller

Interested, but still have questions about naturopathic medicine or one of our other services?

Please call 330-928-6685 to schedule a Meet-n-Greet with one of our practitioners. Meet and greet appointments are available for all practitioners except Dr. Parasson.

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