Nicholas Parasson ND, Founder and Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Parasson has been intensely studying all things “Wellness related” for over 30 years and has been in private practice since 2003. He is a licensed and board-certified Naturopathic Physician and graduated from Bastyr University Medical School, the world’s leading academic center for advancing knowledge in natural medicine, located in Seattle, Washington. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Ohio University. Dr. Parasson has received additional training in applied kinesiology (muscle testing), environmental medicine (which focuses on chemical sensitivities and detoxification of environmental pollutants) and infectious disease.

Dr. Parasson has studied under some of the most widely acclaimed “Wellness Doctors” in the world including but not limited to the late Walter Crinnion ND, Joseph Pizzorno ND and the late William Rea MD (all considered the world’s leading experts and pioneers in the field of Environmental Medicine). He has also studied with Dietrich Klinghardt MD and Michael Lebowitz DC with advanced training in Applied Kinesiology (Muscle testing) for a “Systems Approach” to finding the causes of all illness including environmental toxins and pathogens (microbes.) From his decades of study and advanced training Dr. Parasson developed the “Wellness Wheel” approach to Healthy living that all of our physicians at Summit Natural Wellness Center now use as a template to explain the causes of all disease and how to get the body, mind and spirit “back into balance”.

Dr. Parasson is the treasurer and board member of the Ohio Association of Naturopathic Doctors (OHNDA), the state-wide organization meant to serve the general purpose of educating the general public and the state legislators on the N.D. degree, and ultimately toward licensing N.D’s as primary care doctors in Ohio. Dr. Parasson is married and enjoys golf, yoga, traveling and reading (especially about current medical literature.) He is accepting new patients with a focus on Oncology (cancer), Lyme disease and other infectious diseases and Men’s health issuess.

Dr. Julie Flynn ND

Dr. Julieann Flynn is a licensed and board-certified Naturopathic Physician. She graduated from Bastyr University Medical School in 2003. Dr. Flynn received her Bachelor of Arts in Zoology/PreMedicine from Miami University. She has been practicing naturopathic medicine for 16 years. She also received additional education and certification in Cranial Sacral Therapy, a gentle form of body work.

Dr. Flynn treats all health conditions and enjoys working with patients of all ages from newborn to geriatric. Dr. Flynn emphasizes creating treatment plans that are effective while still being manageable in a busy life. Dr. Flynn utilizes testing to personalize her approach to her patients. Testing is individual to the patient but can include food allergy, mineral analysis, hormone and digestive track testing and nutrient testing for mood and attention disorders. She works with chronic digestive issues, hormone imbalance including infertility, depression, anxiety and fatigue, headache and diabetes among many other conditions. She has done numerous community lectures on topics such as inflammation, pediatric health, gluten intolerance, menopause and natural hormone replacement.

“I am passionate about naturopathic medicine because I have seen what amazing changes can take place in a person’s life when they are healthy. My goal is to help my patients optimize their health so that they can go out into the world to do the work they need to do, so that they can be the best person they can be.”

Dr. Flynn lives her philosophies of natural medicine including eating a low allergen diet and participating in regular yoga practice for stress relief and exercise. Dr. Flynn is married and the mother of four children. She enjoys anything that gets her outdoors including hiking, biking, skiing and running.

Angela Karvounides ND

Dr. Karvounides is a licensed naturopathic doctor. She graduated, with honors, from accredited naturopathic medical school, The University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine. While in school, Dr. Karvounides earned the Clinical Excellence award chosen by faculty for her outstanding clinical performance and dedication and studied under renowned naturopath, Dr. Peter D’adamo. She has also completed an additional 2-year course of specialized study in classical homeopathy from The New England School of Homeopathy. After becoming licensed in the state of Connecticut, Dr. Karvounides completed a one-year residency where she treated a broad range of health conditions for patients of all ages.

Dr. Karvounides sought her degree to assist and empower patients in their journey towards optimal health and wellness. Her passion lies in integrating modern medicine with traditional, effective natural therapies in an effort to identify the root cause of illness and imbalance that can affect one’s quality of life. Dr. Karvounides is committed to using her education and clinical expertise to empower patients while providing individualized care to meet each patient’s diverse needs. Clinical focus: Opus23 Nutrgigenomic specialist, weight loss, cholesterol and glucose management, endocrinology, skin and digestive conditions, autoimmune disease, women’s health, pediatrics, anxiety/depression, chronic fatigue, stress.

Dr. Karvounides is a proud member of the Ohio Naturopathic Doctors Association and the Institute of Naturopathic Generative Medicine (INGM).

Jessica Ward, Office Manager

Jessica began working at Summit Natural Wellness Center in July of 2014. She has previously worked in a variety of healthcare settings with a focus on health and wellness. She received her B.A. in The Promotion of Health and Wellness from Hiram College in 2010. In her spare time she is a lover of animals, enjoys singing, reading and hiking with her husband and her dog.

Robin Vaughn MA, Colon Hydrotherapist

Robin graduated from Northcoast Medical Academy in Kent, Ohio with her diploma in Medical Assisting in 2009. Robin also served as a Nationally Registered and Certified Phlebotomy Technician since 2010. She is CPR-certified through the American Heart Association. She underwent her Colon Hydrotherapy Technician training through I-ACT, the International Association of Colon Hydrotherapy.

Robin is proud to offer colon hydrotherapy to patients seeking an alternative to pre-colonoscopy chemical laxatives which dehydrate your body and can cause cramping, pain, and time off work. Any patient seeking good health should consider colon hydrotherapy. See our Colon Hydrotherapy page for more details.

Christy Rollyson, Licensed Acupuncturist, Reiki Master

I began my career in the health industry in 1999 as a medical assistant. I worked with patients in a very clinical setting and began to question how our medical system functioned. I knew that Western Medicine was necessary but began to wonder if something was missing. After a period of time, I felt burnt out and disconnected with the patients we cared for. It was time for a change. I began working for a chiropractor in 2003 and found a new approach to health, wellness, and patient care. I felt rejuvenated in a practice that referred out to Western doctors and also added a holistic approach to self-care and wellness. My eyes were opened to a new approach! I felt compelled to look into ways I could take my past knowledge and add in this new information and began searching and found myself studying essential oils, reiki, meditation and other methods of alternative self-care. Eventually I discovered acupuncture and in 2011 graduated with a Master’s Degree in acupuncture.

I am truly thankful for this path and how it has helped my family with issues stemming from routine care to anxiety. Two of my three children were born with some medical issues and alternative care has provided me with a way to help strengthen their health. It has given me a passionate desire to help children and families with planning care to maintain health and wellness. May each year bring us closer to those goals we set for ourselves and our loved ones.

Linnell Reed, Certified Reflexologist

Linnell Reed has been practicing reflexology since 2005. She completed training from New England Institute of Reflexology in Onset, Massachusetts in November 2004 with over 376 hours of specialized work. Additionally trained in the science-based Manzanares Method ™ of Reflexology with continuing education of 16 hours in June 2011 in Boston, Massachusetts. CE credit approved by the American Reflexology Certification Board for Provider POO118. She has a heart for helping people achieve a sense of well being, relax and restore balance in the body, one sole at a time.

Megan Cole, Office Assistant, Marketing & Communications Manager

Megan began working at Summit Natural Wellness Center in 2019. Previously, she spent five years as a photographer, videographer, and communications manager for an international non-profit organization. She had the privilege of traveling the globe to capture and share stories of the lives of children being changed through receiving education, food, and hope for a brighter future. She looks forward to her work here with a passion to see patients come to a place of healing and wellness.

Carol Werner, Licensed Massage Therapist

Carol Werner has been licensed as a Massage Therapist since 2008 and offers clients customized therapeutic massage to address injury, reduce discomfort, and enhance well-being. Her initial training in neuromuscular therapy was at the National Institute of Massotherapy in Akron, Ohio. Carol’s continuing education and training in various massage modalities is focused on the art of healing based on a foundation of science.

Carol is also a graduate of Ohio State University and holds a master’s degree in Health Arts & Science from Goddard Collage in Plainfield, Vermont. Prior to practicing massage full time, she worked in health education and community health. Carol specializes in deep tissue, swedish, pregnancy, and lymphatic massage.


Hallie Herchek, Office Assistant

Since graduating with her Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science from The University of Akron in 2020, Hallie has continued to harbor a passion for learning about, practicing, and servicing others with a variety of modalities in the world of health & wellness – always, ultimately, with each individual’s quality of life in mind.

With her additional years of experience being immersed in local, luxury day spas, she looks forward to providing each and every guest with a holistic experience that is based in healing and tranquility.

Morgan Carcelli, Office Assistant

Morgan has a Bachelor’s Degree from Kent State University and recently earned her certification in Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

In her spare time, Morgan enjoys practicing yoga, cooking new recipes, and spending time in nature.

Holistic healing has helped her along her own wellness journey and she looks forward to supporting patients in doing the same.

Nicole Miller

Nicole Miller has had a successful career as an artist and entrepreneur, owning art based businesses in Ohio and on the west coast.

Along the way she became a devout student of the language of the body. Navigating her own health challenges, Nicole made it her quest to understand what the body was communicating to her in times of illness and imbalance. She has achieved certificates and training in those modalities that brought her the greatest depth of understanding. These include a collection of awareness practices, and meditation techniques including intuitive and healing trance meditation. She is currently studying Chan Buddhism.

A long time patient of our practice herself, Nicole is excited to welcome and assist patients in using the modalities offered at SNWC, as they have been at the center of her own healing path.