Our Medicinary of nutritional supplements is regularly stocked with over 50 physician-formulated brands including our own premier Summit Natural Wellness Center brand of dietary supplements.

To ensure safety and efficacy, we require most supplements to be accompanied by a recommendation from your Naturopathic doctor. However, we also have a retail section of hypoallergenic foods, skincare products and protein powders. If we do not carry a supplement you are looking for, let us find you an alternative.

Supplement Facts:

  • Your body has the best chance of absorbing the contents
  • The supplement does not contain fillers, toxins, or any other substances that have the potential to hinder your progress
  • The amount listed on the label is the actual amount in the supplement
  • The companies that meet the highest standards of quality when producing vitamin and herbal supplements often only sell to licensed practitioners

Summit Natural Wellness Center’s Own High Quality Dietary Supplements

Throughout the years, we’ve grown a vast knowledge of the varying qualities of dietary supplements and the companies that manufacture and distribute them. We provide only the highest quality, most pure, and most easily absorbent supplements personally chosen and researched by our doctors.