“The physicians at Summit Natural Wellness have succeeded where conventional medicine has not. I have suffered from a severe staph infection for three years. Modern medicine gave me up. After attending my first session at Summit I have enjoyed a renewed spirit and feeling of health. Even the same medical physicians attending my initial infection have markedly commented that I look “well.”

The acupressure sessions at Summit Natural Wellness have helped me relieve tight ligaments and scars, caused by the staff infection, so I might have better range of motion in my affected arm, leg, and hand. Also, I recently fell and suffered deep bruising to my hip, back and elbow. My acupressure sessions have relieved much of the soreness and pain I first felt. I am now regaining my mobility and my lifestyle again.

Everyone at Summit is helpful, courteous, and respectful, something not experienced very much anymore. Thank you. Summit Wellness Center.”
Joel A. Otis, 77, retired master electrician

“I have been seeing Dr. Parasson for about 8 years and have been very impressed with his knowledge and ability to explain some medical terms that can be a bit complicated. I see the fundamental difference between what Naturopaths do and what MD’s do is looking for the “root causes” of medical problems rather than just treating the symptoms.

“I can, and have recommended Summit Natural Wellness to people who are interested in a different approach to managing their health. I have been very pleased and happy with the advice, the service and the treatment I have received from Dr. Parasson.”
Dave Peters

“My wife and I first visited Dr. Parasson in the fall of 2013. We were impressed by his knowledge, his education background and his ability to explain health issues with the patient. Since that meeting Dr. Parasson has resolved many health issues for my wife (issues that countless specialists (MD and DO) could not resolve). I am very annoyed (angry is a better term) that the State of Ohio does not recognize NDs as medical doctors. Dr. Parasson is a highly educated professional and deserves the recognition that other Medical Doctors receive.”
Arthur B. Miller

“Dr. Nick is an incredibly compassionate doctor. Both my husband and I have nothing but praise for his treatment methods, dedication and kindness. Now that we have moved out of state, we will continue our relationship with him as our main physician.”
Marina Isaac

“I found Dr. Nick Parasson in the fall of 2011 when I was searching the web for a doctor in eastern Ohio to aid in my treatment of Lyme Disease. I remember that Dr. Nick called me back very quickly after I contacted the office and did everything he could to work with my schedule. Dr. Nick has been very helpful in treating the Lyme – both with supplements and food. I was able to come off the antibiotics I was on for 6 months prior to coming. Three years later, my immune system is much improved. I no longer have lyme symptoms that I am aware of, and my overall health is quite good. Dr. Nick has been incredibly encouraging as I continue to pursue health in every area of my life. Dr. Nick is a great teacher, and the supplements he prescribed have been very beneficial. I also love the atmosphere of the office and the helpfulness of the office staff.”
Crystal D.

“I’ve enjoyed the availability from Dr. Parasson whenever I’ve had a question.”

“Dr. Parasson has helped me both enhance traditional medical options and improve overall health and well being. I first contacted him regarding prostate and urinary tract issues, but he has been extremely supportive in other areas as well. His nutritional supplementation strategies, together with other modalities, have enabled me to minimize or avoid prescription drug usage. Since we first met a few years ago, he has been a valuable resource and “sounding board” for all my health concerns.”
Tim R.

“I have been a patient of Dr. Flynn’s for 4 years, and since my first visit I have recommended my family members, friends, and clients to Summit Natural Wellness Center. I have had issues for years that Dr. Flynn figured out, but other MD’s and naturopaths had overlooked. Dr. Flynn connected missing pieces that were integral to my health, and since implementing her suggestions, my health has improved in every way possible. I completely trust Dr. Flynn’s vast knowledge and guidance. I also appreciate the cleanliness and calming environment of the office, and the ease of making appointments with the staff and reordering supplements. SNWC is a gem in our area, and we are truly blessed with the caring, compassionate, and wise expertise Dr. Julie Flynn provides to her patients. One more thing – I wanted to add that Dr. Flynn helps us to be empowered with our health and our choices.”
Alyssa Lee Wilmot — Pilates, Dance and Fitness studio owner

“Dr. Flynn was recommended to me by a trusted health & fitness expert I know and completely trust. I was experiencing significant and on-going symptoms for months after incurring a serious concussion. Since traditional medicine had given me no relief from symptoms, I decided to see if naturopathy could help, thinking that the worst that could happen is that it couldn’t make things worse. Dr. Flynn listened intently and prescribed some supplements she thought may help with both increasing blood flow to the brain as well as reduce inflammation, which may help with major and persistent dizziness, as just one of the symptoms I was experiencing. She recommended several supplements as complements to address the other needs. Literally, within two days, I had increased clarity and focus, more energy, less mood swings, and an overall feeling of better well-being than I had in 3 months prior. In conjunction with Cranial Sacral Therapy (received by both Dr. Flynn and an outside LMT), in conjunction with switching to a strict vegan diet, along with hair and saliva analysis which revealed several mineral imbalances, in conjunction with some dietary advice to ensure adequate protein and healthy fats were incorporated into my diet (as my goal was to resume long distance running), Dr. Flynn’s expertise I 100% believe played an instrumental role in both solving my concussion issue, as well as dramatically shortening both the severity and duration of some of the symptoms. Moreover, her knowledge has also helped immensely in rounding out my diet to ensure I am both healthy as well as helping me ensure my body is properly fueled so I can continue my fitness goals, which I have successfully resumed. In fact, my life and health is now even better than pre-concussion due to incorporating naturopathy, dietary changes and some additional fitness routines. If that weren’t enough (which is plenty!), Dr. Flynn is calm, positive, caring, has exceptional communication and listening skills, and you can sense immediately that not only does she possess deep professional competencies, she cares greatly about her clients and it shows. Her staff is so incredibly welcoming, knowledgeable, friendly and beyond responsive.”
Gratefully — C.O.

“I am 61 years old and I’ve been a patient for close to 10 years now. I can’t say enough good things about this place. They offer the highest quality health care service available, in my humble opinion. I feel I am understood as a unique individual with my own unique needs. Effective treatment plans have been created with that in mind. For years before, I seemed to be some kind of medical mystery that no one could figure out. That all changed after coming to SNWC. One by one, my problems have been addressed and these days I am feeling very well and healthy, and well, just plain normal! I seriously don’t know what I would do without my doctor here at Summit Natural Wellness. God bless him!”

“Before receiving help from Dr. Flynn at Summit Natural Wellness Center, I was having migraine headaches about three days each week, making it very hard for me to do all the things I wanted to do. With Dr. Flynn’s help, I learned I had some food allergies and blood sugar problems. Simple diet changes have changed my life – I rarely get migraines. I have much more energy. I feel more alert and much happier. I have lost weight and I feel much healthier. I am thirty-five years old and a stay-at-home mother to two small children. Feeling well and energetic makes me a better mother. I find the clinic and staff to be professional and very helpful.”
Wooster, OH

“I was caught up in traditional healthcare all of my life. My family physician wanted to prescribe medication for conditions without discussion [of] the root causes. Julie Flynn and I have been able to come up with alternatives that are less expensive (great since I don’t have insurance!) and more beneficial to my health. Since I began on this path about 3 years ago, I have learned about a gluten allergy for which I don’t need to take a pill! My cholesterol has improved dramatically and I’ve substituted supplements in place of drugs. I’m pharmaceutical-free, and so is my daughter!

The staff provides a welcoming, relaxed environment which made bringing a reluctant teenager no problem. My daughter now knows the benefit of a relationship with a health provider where she feels safe, confident, and empowered to make good decisions about her own health. We both feel that we have a voice and a more vested interest in our health. SNWC has changed my family’s life for the better by introducing a new way to approach our health.”
Age 49
Former legal assistant turned business owner

“I am a patient of SNWC, and I wanted to write this to express my gratitude to Dr. Flynn as well as the staff. I am a complicated case, I came to Dr. Flynn when almost all hope was lost. I had been in pain for about 20 years, saw so many doctors and had so many issues that I began to die a slow death. This sounds a bit dramatic now looking back, but I was so tired, in so much pain, always ill, no longer able to work that it had taken a toll on my soul! I began to see Dr. Flynn, follow her advice and wow! I have begun to heal. She is an intelligent woman/doctor with many natural gifts! Dr. Flynn has a kind and gentle energy that is unassuming yet professional and instills confidence, not only in her and the practice, but in my own ability to be a whole and vibrant person again.

The cranial sacral treatments have been life changing! I have had this treatment many times over the years, along with physical therapy and much more yielding temporary results. In a relatively short time, my painful misaligned body has begun to unravel and find its way back home giving me pain relief and something else pretty amazing that’s just too hard to describe. This along with everything else we are doing is giving me back energy and an overall sense of well being.

I had really forgotten what it felt like to be healthy and for every step forward I am so deeply grateful! I still have a way to go as the truth is I didn’t get this way overnight, but I can get out of bed in the morning and begin to see the future. I hope my story can help another person who is struggling the way I had been for much too long. We actually do have a choice and deserve to be healthy whole individuals!”
Many thanks,

“When I first visited Dr. Flynn I was experiencing an allergic reaction to food. I had rashes on both of my arms. I could not figure out what was going on because I had no prior history of food allergies. Dr. Flynn ran tests to determine the nature of my allergies and to determine what I needed to do. I am so thankful for Dr. Flynn (and for the team at Summit Natural Wellness Center)!!! They are so knowledgeable and helpful!!! And after following Dr. Flynn’s recommendations, my system has now completely healed. I no longer have a food allergy!!”

“For many years, I have struggled with digestive issues, fatigue, depressed mood, and the ability to cognitively focus. I kept making changes to my lifestyle and diet thinking that my body was healing, while also consulting with physicians, but I didn’t feel any difference. I was recommended to make an appointment with Dr. Julieann Flynn and my experience was life-changing. Through consultation and testing, she helped me determine my various deficiencies and allergies (many of which I would have never know without her guidance!). The testing and her interpretation provided a level of comprehension and understanding that I hadn’t found in any other medical setting! Nearly a year later, I feel the best I have felt in my entire life at age 34 – and am expecting our first child in June. With more energy, increased mood, clearer mental focus, and a naturally balanced body, I am extremely grateful for her wisdom, care, and professionalism. Although I highly suggest Summit Natural Wellness Center to anyone, those I encounter can see the change in my life firsthand which has served as the best recommendation!”
M.S. Age 34

“I’ve been going here to get my legs sugared by Christina (the Managing Licensed Esthetician) since November of 2016. I can’t believe how kind and professional she is, even to someone who is new to the process and asks TONS of questions like me!

She made sure I wasn’t uncomfortable and that the sugar wasn’t pulling on my skin. She gave me specific instructions to follow before my first appointment to help me be best prepared for the procedure. Her directions for exfoliation were thorough and clear; and this is a key step to having any hair removal procedure to avoid skin irritation and ingrown hair.

I’m excited to keep going and see the hair growth diminish on my legs. I get horrible razor burn, so this has been the best thing for me.

Christina is happy to help with any other skin questions I have, giving suggestions of things to avoid and things to try that I already have at home… Never trying to just upsell me, she has offered me a few samples to try before buying a full-sized product from their showroom.

The Spa has such a calm and peaceful atmosphere, as well. So much so that I look forward to spending a couple hours having my legs sugared, even though it isn’t the most pain-free experience! (It does hurt a LOT LESS than regular waxing, however!) Highly recommended!”
Melissa O.

“I was looking for a way to take better care of myself, rather than just treat symptoms with prescriptions. Imagine my surprise when Dr. Flynn identified a food allergy as a root of my problem. (How could I live this long and not know this?) Careful review of history and education about how to make changes have been keys to my feeling better – than ever! Rather than spending money on doctor’s office visit co-pays and monthly prescriptions, I’ve redirected the money spent on my health care. And I have the lab results to prove it works!”
Suzanne Smaltz

“Dr. Parasson gave me my life back! I will be forever grateful to him and his staff.”
Jennifer Cassiday Cole

“My son has been sick since he was four months old with head to toe eczema, bad stools, frequent illness, and poor weight gain as well as other things. Dr. Flynn has been the only professional to make a difference for him. We’ve only seen her twice, and my son is so much better already. His face is clear for the first time in 9 months! His regular pediatricians gave up on him, but she was able to help him right away.”
Sarah Black

“If it wasn’t for the doctors at Summit Natural I would be seriously crippled. I have chronic Lyme and function quite well for all my body has been through over the past 16 yrs, but that is because Summit docs taught me so many things in regards to how to care for my body…how to eat right…and remove foods that cause inflammation and fatigue. Their supplements are top quality and do wonderful at preventing and quickly treating flus, colds, etc. I’m never without their “Herbal Biotic” or their therapeutic probiotic. Originally I was told I had fibromyalgia and CFS but finally Dr Parasson figured out I had Lyme which is really helpful for proper treatment. Wish I found him sooner but so thankful for what I have been given through this team at Summit.”
Elise Lawrence

“My husband and I have been patients for years and appreciate all that Dr Flynn and Dr Parasson have done for us. We follow their natural approach to our health. Their physician grade supplements have kept us away from many prescription medications. They work very well with my MD and her suggestions. I take a natural statin supplement which is working very well to keep my cholesterol in the good range. My blood pressure supplement also continues to keep my blood pressure in the normal range. Recently I was diagnosed with Lyme and Dr Parasson’s treatment plan is making me feel better. Their approach is to find out what is causing the issue not just give you a pill to fix the symptom. The doctors and staff at Summit Natural Wellness Center are all very caring. Dave and I are so much healthier because of them.”
Pam Sumner Peters

“I love this place. Dr. Flynn is amazing. I even had some acupuncture done last summer, and it was a wonderful experience. I am looking forward to a nice heated stone massage in my future. Holistic is the way to go.”
Jennifer Dizzle

The staff is excellent and knowledgeable! I would highly recommend!
Noreen Geiser

“Very good massages, knowledgeable and much higher skilled than your typical mall or store front place. Would certainly consider for other services as well. Massage room calming and comfortable. Extremely clean and professional office areas.”
Greer Connor

“I was very impressed and pleased with my visit! I saw Dr. Parasson and for the first time, I feel optimistic that my health issues will have a chance to become resolved! The center itself is very peaceful and calling!”

My husband and I have been seeing Dr. Parasson for many years and he is truly an amazing Naturopath. He has helped us when medical doctors failed to treat the problem, not just the symptoms.
Lynn Girves